TheEdgeConference Venue:

TheEdge – Digital Culture Centre

Stanley Place, Cultural Centre, Southbank
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

C&T 2011 will be hosted at TheEdge – an initiative of the State Library of Queensland, sitting alongside the library’s other programs and continuing its growth as a cultural and knowledge destination. It is a place for young Queenslanders; a place for experimentation and creativity, giving contemporary tools to young people to allow them to explore critical ideas, green initiatives, new design practices and media making.

The Edge is a cornerstone of the Queensland Governments arts culture + me Children and Young People in Arts Action Plan 2008–2011.

The Edge enables the creation of all sorts of art and technology, research, training, mentoring and being mentored, networking, and entertaining and being entertained. Informal spaces abound for discussion and the pursuit of individual and group activities, which foster a sense of community, a commitment to collaboration and a spirit of openness.

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